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Your favorite stories told through turntablism
by DJ Filthy & DJ Remedy

Stories from Scratch Pt.2 is brought to you by 2 of the most creative DJ's still doin it right now. Filthy is a native New Yorker with over 20 years experience in all aspects of the game. Remedy is one of Baltimore's best. When they had a chance encounter waiting on line to audition for Master of the Mix, they spent 8 hours trying to size each other up by listening to Mixtape intros they did. A mutual respect grew and they decided to join forces and bring the world a mixtape full of Ill Cuts, Dope Beats, TV and Film samples, Original remixs and Raw Hip-Hop. Sit back, Smoke one and take a trip into a Turtablists deam!


When Film & Television meet Hip Hop & Turntablism

New York's DJ Filthy and Baltimore's DJ Remedy have teamed up for the second installment of Stories From Scratch Part 2. This scratch audio book compiles TV and movie clips including Big Trouble in Little China, Donnie Brasco, Sopronos, Step Brothers and South Park, mixed with legendary Hip Hop artists and raw Turntablism skill. Legends include Wu-Tang, Biggie, Mobb Deep, Jay-Z, Jadakiss, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Nas, Pun, DMX, Redman and the great KRS-One. 


Each track is like a mini story carefully laced together through the art of DJ’ing to entertain your mind for a full hour. Some of the tracks or “Chapters” like  “Hood Shit” & “The Game” talk about subjects like Mob stories of money, betrayal and Illegal Life. Spiritual Knowledge is given from Master Wong on “My Style”.  George Carlin Talks about being a loser in today’s America. Wack DJs and Emcees get addressed in "Big Willy Talk” & “Golden Era”, where they used interviews from Hot 97’s DJ Day, with Legendary DJs in the game like Funk Flex, Red Alert & DJ Enuff. In these, they give their take on todays DJs and some real talk from the lox and DJ Who Kid to create a PSA to new artists in the game. 


The Album is full of cool stores and dope mixes. Filthy and Rem pulled there inspirations from albums like “Scratch Nerds 2” and “Return of the DJ” series. Another inspiration for the duo was DJ Premier for the way he changed the game with scratch style hooks. This mix perfectly demonstrates Rem and Filthy’s creativity, knowledge of Hip Hop and DJ skills. They combined forces, scoured the internet and came up with a classic Hip Hop mixtape "Audio Scratch Book." Something new that will take you on a wild journey from start to finish.

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